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The Hot Babes Guide: Essex Escort’s Top 7 Sex Positions

Hi there, it’s Andrea here. I wanted to let you into one of the hottest secrets around; are you ready for it?I’ve been talking to all the stunning Essex escorts here at Hot Babes about our favourite things to do in the bedroom, and we wanted to share with you our top 7 favourite sex positions. From the classics we all know and love, to the wild positions that take you beyond the bedroom, which will you want to act out with us?

1. Yee-haw, Cowgirl

Some of us girls just love to be on top! It’s a real turn on being in control and riding a man for your own pleasure. I love all the different variations too, like the reverse cowgirl and the lean. My favourite part is always sliding onto his dick and feeling it enter me slowly, teasing us both for a moment. I like to ride hard and fast, feeling his cock deep inside of me.

2. Give it to Me Doggy Style

Sometimes the rear view can be a great one and many of my clients love watching my booty shake as they fuck me from behind. Doggy style is a great position for getting kinky; hair pulling, back scratching and spanking are just a few ways to enhance the experience and get the juices flowing for an intense orgasm. I had a client recently in Basildon that loved spanking me in the doggy style position, to teach me a lesson for being a bad girl.

3. We Have Lift Off

My legs wrapped around his waist, his cock deep inside of me as he pushes me against the wall. Now that is a pretty picture. This position can really take things to the next level and there’s nothing our Essex escorts love more than heating things up. Back up against the wall, I love bouncing up and down on his dick and feeling every inch of him deep inside of me.

4. A Tasty 69

A true classic, all of our Hot Babes love the 69 position. I love giving a blow job whilst feeling his tongue on my pussy, moaning with his cock in my mouth as we both experience immense pleasure. It’s my favourite type of oral sex. You’re right there in the moment together and you know the more pleasure you give them, the more they’ll give you back.

5. Anywhere But the Bed

You don’t have to limit yourself to the bed. I love having sex all over the room and being pushed against a wall or bent over a table really turns me on. With my hands free, I like to play with myself, rubbing my clit for that extra buzz. Sex standing up can be a great way to change things up and all our Essex escorts love to get a bit naughty.

6. Let’s Get Wet ‘n’ Wild

Showers aren’t just for getting clean; you can get dirty too. Our Essex escorts love to get hot and steamy in the shower; water dripping down our naked bodies with our pussies soaking wet. Why don’t you meet me in an Essex hotel and bend me over in the shower? I’ll make it the steamiest shower you’ll ever have.

7. You’ve Got Me All Tied Up

BDSM will always be my favourite fetish. Being tied down to a bed, unable to move and at your mercy. You can do anything you want to me. Recently, in Southend, I was with a client who tied my hands and feet to each end of the bed and blindfolded me. He teased me with his hands and his lips until I couldn’t take anymore and begged for him to fuck me hard. All you need to decide is, will it be rope or handcuffs?

There are plenty more positions that Hot Babes love to try out with our adventurous clients. How many of them would you like to act out with us? If you’d love to show me your favourite sex positon, call 07864527804 now and ask for Andrea.

Get in touch today and have wild night in Romford or a sensual Girlfriend Experience in Hockley. Wherever you are in Essex, our gorgeous Essex escorts are waiting for you.


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