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HOT-BABES Jelly and cake sploshing party

In the next step of my sploshing experience, the client asked me to get on all fours on the bed with my arse facing him. “Your beautiful round bum is my target,” he said to me.

He grabbed a handful of cake and threw it at my arse. “Bullseye” he shouted. This was so funny the more cake he threw at my arse the more excited he got and the funnier I found it, we were both laughing so hard. When my arse was sufficiently covered with cake he massaged it into my buttocks, groping and squeezing them.

“Lay back and open your legs,” he said. I did what he asked – it was jelly time. He stood at the end of the bed and threw handfuls of green jelly at my pussy. It went everywhere, up the walls, on the ceiling – I’m glad I’m not cleaning this room after I thought. When the bowl was empty he came and knelt in-between my legs and rubbed the jelly around my pussy, it was cold and I could feel it going inside me.

He lowered his head and licked and sucked my pussy, I could see his bald head bobbing up and down. He sucked hard on me, sucking the jelly out of me and swallowing it. The next half hour he spent caressing and worshiping my dirty sticky body, exploring every inch of my skin that cake had clung to, he was in his element.

My first experience of sploshing had been really good fun, and definitely one of the standout nights I’ve had since I’ve joined Hot Babes’ Essex Escort Agency. Hopefully I’ll see this guy again or another splosher soon. Scarlet. (Essex Escort)

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