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Tonight I met up with a punter in Basildon called John. He said on the phone our bookings may be for a couple of hours but when we met he said he wanted to keep me for an all night booking. I thought this guy was gorgeous and seemed really nice so an all night booking with him was my pleasure.

It’s really nice when I get an all night booking, as there’s no rush and it’s great to chat and get to know the clients a bit before we get down to the naughty stuff. I could tell John had been partying in Basildon a little already and he asked me to join him, which I did.

The first couple of hours flew by; we had instant chemistry and got along so well. Not only was this guy handsome but also charming and talented. John asked me if I’d like him to sing to me, of course I replied and he suggested we sit outside under the stars.

We sat on the grass in the garden, and although it was quite dark the house light lit us enough so I could watch his face as he sang to me. He was a great singer and he made a song just for me.

Before he could finish his song I leant over and kissed him passionately. John was a great kisser and our tongues rolled around together. We started to take each other’s clothes off and as he peeled mine away he caressed my body from my neck to my feet and everything in between. It was a little chilly outside but I didn’t feel the cold, our bodies were so hot rolling around on the lawn together. His neighbour’s windows overlooked the garden but I didn’t care, I was so horny that if they were having a peek it would have only made it more exciting.

For the next couple of hours we had great sex in the garden. He knew just how to please me, and judging from the noises he made he was having a good time too. I can’t wait to be your Basildon escort again. Lots of love, Pandora xx

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