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Essex Escort Lexianna’s Role Play with a Happy Ending

Hi boys, it’s Lexianna here. Some of my hottest experiences as a Hot Babes escort have taken place in Southend, and I wanted to share with you an erotic night of role play I had there recently. And trust me, there’s plenty to tell…I met Jordan at a hotel in Southend late one Friday night and as he walked in, I could see a cheeky glint in his eye. I knew I was in for a good time. Jordan had asked especially for a massage role play, one of my favourites. So, I’d made sure to wear my sexiest masseuse costume, with a push up bra to show off my best assets.

As we walked up to the room, Jordan simply couldn’t wait and he pushed me against the wall, kissing me passionately. I returned it briefly, but then gently pushed him away – I wanted to make him wait. I wanted to have my fun with the role play first. Taking his hand, I led him to the room.

When you book an Essex escort with Hot Babes, you know we won’t hold back. Entering the hotel room, I immediately started to unbutton Jordan’s shirt. He laid down on the bed, and I dripped my massage oil down his back. I slowly worked over his muscles with my skilled hands, straddling his body with my toned thighs. Leaning over enough for my boobs to graze his skin, I could feel his breath become heavy in anticipation of what was to come.

I whispered in his ear to turn over. Unzipping his jeans, Jordan couldn’t wait and took my breasts into his hands, causing them spill out of my bra. Not letting this distract me, I started to massage his chest, running my hands lower and lower – teasing before I was ready to please. He begged me to keep going lower, but it wasn’t my hands he wanted; it was my mouth.

Looking deep into his eyes, I took him into my mouth. I slipped my tongue across the head of his dick and felt Jordan’s hands reach for my head, pushing me further down. I loved the taste of his cock deep in my throat and moved my hand to his balls to intensify his pleasure. Jordan writhed in delight. “I need to be inside you” he said, “I want to feel how wet your pussy is”.

I climbed on top, and lowered my moist pussy onto his dick and WOW did it feel good! I started to grind my body, his throbbing cock hitting all the right spots. Faster and faster, the pleasure grew more intense until Jordan grabbed me close and flipped me over, ready to take me from behind. As he inserted his cock into my now dripping pussy, I knew I was near climax. His thrusts were rapid and intense as his hands gripped my hips, pulling me closer.

Jordan started to pull on my hair. The pleasure was too great making me scream as we reached the climax. This night of role play was certainly one I would remember and I knew Jordan would be back for more.

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