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A night in the life of Essex escort Scarlet PART 3

So my next client I’ll call Peter. Peter lives near Rayleigh and I’ve seen him several times before but this doesn’t help me feel any less anxious walking into his flat tonight, probably more so in fact. The guy is tall, decent body although a few of what I consider ugly tattoos, his face is ok, not attractive to me but not offensive either. For most people to look at him I would imagine they would make the same judgement I did, Essex boy who’s probably had his fair share disagreements in his time. My first impressions though lasted all of 30 seconds and then he spoke. It was one of the most bizarre moment of this job. I know that when he started to speak my face instantly had a look of shock and confusion all over it and I know he saw that expression all over my face. Quickly to save both our embarrassment I shook of the confused expression and introduced myself with a face hiding all thought of what I just heard and simply showing a friendly half smile. The voice that came out of Peters mouth was and still is when I hear it such a huge surprise, if you can imagine Vinnie Jones with the voice of Jo Pasquale and the surprise you’d have hearing that voice come out, that’s how I feel every time I hear it, even knowing his voice now. I’ve never felt comfortable enough to ask why his voice is like that but from conversations I’m guessing his voice has been affected from heavy drug abuse over the years. I do sympathise with him as the damage is permanent and it’s not something he can hide unless he becomes mute. His comical voice and calm exterior always puts me at a false sense of ease, although his seemingly relaxed demeanour is I think due to him being stoned as I can smell it in the air. He never books for long as he can’t afford to so he always wants to get down to business quickly but I know the drill now. I undress and put my clothes neatly in a pile on the chair as always. The guy is fairly well endowed and the way he moves can be slightly uncomfortable but I do tell him and on occasions have told him off when he thinks it’s funny to push the boundaries. He knows now he can’t get away with anything but he’s not really a charmer in the bedroom and he always tries to push things. We go through pretty much the same routine each time, he starts on top kissing me aggressively and ramming his tongue down my throat, then we swap and I go on top, then when time is running out and I remind him I have to leave shortly he puts his dick in my mouth and I suck him till he comes. He’s always aware of the time and will make sure he gets every minutes worth but so am I and I make sure he doesn’t get a minute more than what he’s paid for. I’m not always like that but he’s hard work and in such a short booking he takes the piss sometimes (actually most times). While I get dressed we always sit on the edge of the bed and chat, his sexual appetite and aggression gone now and he’s a nice guy to talk to for a few minutes. He always opens up about his family and feelings in these few minutes and gets quite deep, most times it ending in him asking me out. I don’t why he thinks I would say yes after the repeated telling off I have just giving him for pushing the boundaries. It’s these moments in jobs that I find the most difficult, I never imagined that I would have to deal with clients feelings and emotions and what a weight these would become. As I’m leaving I’m thinking about my next booking. It’s my regular Friday night booking and it’s usually 5 hours of good fun. It’s a couple booking (male and female) and they are both nice looking. I get on well with her, she’s really friendly and she gives me amazing oily massages……. To be continued, PART 4 coming soon, Scarlet (Essex escort).

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