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As I entered the stately home Angela was already there waiting for me with 2 guys. The house was huge and the guys were nice and friendly on arrival. They offered us a drink and we all took a shot of vodka before making our way to the den.
Angela and I stripped off our clothes slowly as the guys watched, their gaze did not leave us as piece by piece our clothes fell to the floor. Angela wore hot red lacy bra and little red lacy knickers and I a little white satin teddy. One of the guys asked us to perform for him, I was happy to oblige. I danced and thrust myself on and around him like a pole dancer and he was my pole.
Angela joined me on the leather couch, he had a girl each side of him taking it in turns to stroke him up and down, kiss him and suck him while the other guy watched, transfixed at the erotic show. Angela straddled the guys face and he groaned as he pulled her buttocks towards his face with both hands. I stroked his body all over with my finger tips watching him get harder. I could see in his face and body he was at boiling point so I jumped on him and rode him hard till he came.
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